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Ship Vetting

Ship Vetting

Shipping is a risky business. Today, charterers of ships carrying hazardous cargo need to limit their corporate liability and protect their reputation.

Most responsible charterers  exercise due diligence by performing ship vetting taking all reasonable steps to ensure that the ships are being properly operated and will be in a suitable condition to embark on the voyage in safety, and without the risk of damage to the marine environment. Failure to do so could expose a charterer to unlimited corporate risk in the event of a serious incident involving a ship which that company had chartered.

Charterers subscribing to the SIRE and/or CDI databases may do this in one of two ways either by setting up and maintaining their own in-house vetting department if the appropriate level of maritime expertise is available to them; or contract an independent, third party organisation who will provide a vetting service for them.

ShipVet Services have been providing third party vetting to a number of companies since 1997 as part of their commitment to the Responsible Care initiative. Ship inspection reports downloaded from CDI and SIRE are scrutinised by members of the team with the necessary experience, training and judgement to perform risk assessment in the maritime field. Reports are reviewed against historical knowledge of the ship and its technical manager, information gleaned from IHS Fairplay Database (to which ShipVet Services subscribes), and other information in the public domain, all of which will influence the advice given to you, the client as to the suitability of the ship. It is perhaps worth stressing that the decision as to whether a particular ship is acceptable or not, lies firmly with you, the client. ShipVet Services merely provide advice to you, the client, in line with your policies to help you make your decision.

ShipVet Services has in place its own database enabling clients to view ship data and their vetted vessels. The database is continuously  updated in the light of new information. The database is available to clients through this website, giving them the opportunity to review vetting work done on their behalf together with any later updated information. The facility for a client to provide on-line feedback from their owned or operated terminal is also available through the database.

ShipVet Services will also assist in the drafting of a company vetting policy and its implementation, should that be required.

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