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The Company, was originally established in 1988 as ShipVet Limited with the aim of providing ship vetting inspection services to oil majors. In 1997 following demand from chemical companies, ShipVet expanded its activities to provide vetting services in addition to inspections. To reflect this the name was changed to ShipVet Services and in so doing ShipVet Services became the first independent company in the world to offer such a service.

Now in addition to its inspection service ShipVet Services offers a twenty-four hour vetting service to clients world-wide whose organisations have little or no in-house expertise in the marine field, or otherwise in support of existing marine safety and operational functions.

(It is important to point out here that ship inspections are only a part of ship vetting, a process which takes into account many other factors before providing advice on whether a ship should be used).

During its initial nine-year period of operation Shipvet carried out some 650 vetting inspections on oil, gas and chemical tankers for two major international oil companies, and other clients seeking inspection services on an ad-hoc basis. Since 1997 a gradual change of focus has occurred to the point where inspections are rarely carried out and any that are done are subcontracted to accredited SIRE and CDI inspectors, unless for internal and client use only. Currently Shipvet provide third party vetting for a number of International and Multinational clients, vetting thousands of ships a year.


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